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** NEWS ALERT **  State Attorney Phil Archer Has Endorsed Clarissa Harrell for County Court Judge

Please visit the Endorsements page on this site to read this full endorsement, as well as many others from people who have worked with Clarissa over the years and who know her well.

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Clarissa Harrell for County Court Judge

Bringing Experience and Enthusiasm

For 30 years Clarissa Harrell has been in the trenches of Brevard courtrooms trying to make a difference in the lives of this county's citizens.  She has immersed herself in some of the most intense litigation known to attorneys:  prosecution of violent crimes and crimes against children; termination of parental rights to pave the way for adoption in cases of severe child abuse and neglect; and navigation of complex family law child custody and financial matters. 

She is ready to carry the wisdom gained from these endeavors to the judicial bench.  Her goals are to make a difference in our community's quality of life; to positively impact the life paths and decision-making of litigants through fair and effective rulings; and to give attorneys an ideal courtroom work environment to best serve their clients. 

Your valued, much-appreciated vote can help make this mission happen!

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